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The Red Sea Object | SCP-093 (SCP Animation)

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D-Class prisoner Angelo is sent into the strange world of SCP-093. But what is the Red Sea Object? As he dives further and further into this new dimension, he only finds himself asking more questions, and discovering dangerous new foes...
Original Author(s):
► "Red Sea Object" based upon "SCP-093” written by: far2:
►Thumbnail Art and SCP design based upon drawing by Alex Andreev
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Licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0


  1. Coleman Brenner

    Coleman Brenner

    11 саат мурун

    this the blue test?

  2. Spontaneouspixel66


    Күн мурун

    What was the intro song?

  3. Tanne r

    Tanne r

    2 күн мурун

    Good video

  4. Skulluy man

    Skulluy man

    3 күн мурун

    The first Class-D that entered the mirror, wasn’t he in the 106 video?

  5. Bálint Keszthelyi

    Bálint Keszthelyi

    9 күн мурун

    Why do they always use 1 front camera? Why not a use at least a 2nd one as well to see what's behind him?

  6. Gh Fg

    Gh Fg

    19 күн мурун

    The video is great

  7. Based Upstate NY

    Based Upstate NY

    21 күн мурун

    He’s the only D class to survive.

  8. Hana Behl-Lecter

    Hana Behl-Lecter

    26 күн мурун

    You definitely catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

  9. Tiago Wierzbicki

    Tiago Wierzbicki

    29 күн мурун


  10. x yx

    x yx

    Ай мурун

    This was were they introduced the main characters.

  11. PrelawComic


    Ай мурун

    This is probably my top 5 scps that really pique my interest just all the original wiki stories and fan made videos are great

    • Hektonite


      Ай мурун

      Fun fact: Christianity is seen as heresy in there.

  12. Clay Cooper

    Clay Cooper

    Ай мурун

    Should've made this one longer

  13. stiffy kitsune

    stiffy kitsune

    Ай мурун

    Congrats D class you’re one the few that survivors

  14. Derick Masai

    Derick Masai

    Ай мурун

    Please shorten the D class names. I've just heard it three times and am already sick of it.

  15. Lilly Cabinet

    Lilly Cabinet

    Ай мурун

    The d.class that went into the thing first is a spoiled brat

  16. Hi live

    Hi live

    Ай мурун

    he entered shifting sandlands

  17. Tony Blank

    Tony Blank

    Ай мурун


  18. Jequan DALEY

    Jequan DALEY

    Ай мурун


  19. Melanie Garcia

    Melanie Garcia

    Ай мурун

    5:41 Oh that's dr buck father. Well that explanes a lot.. Also rip angelo.

  20. The Peanut

    The Peanut

    Ай мурун

    Saying the d classes name in that sentence just rolls off the tounge

  21. Tri Nguyen

    Tri Nguyen

    Ай мурун

    R.I.P Angelo Edit: Also I'm pretty sure that's Dr. Buck daddy

    • Melanie Garcia

      Melanie Garcia

      Ай мурун

      He is

  22. Earth


    Ай мурун

    I'm pretty sure in the actual story, the d class dies

  23. LokiCatGD


    Ай мурун

    Holy Danget! Was That Pogger Man?

  24. Dante Rodriguez

    Dante Rodriguez

    Ай мурун

    I'm stupid af, I just realized it's the d class from the 106 incident and the doctor is dr buck's father

  25. eye


    Ай мурун

    "We're on the same team right?"

  26. Lander Velez

    Lander Velez

    2 ай мурун

    That D Class has a lot of freaking numbers

  27. GuukanKitsune


    2 ай мурун

    You know, the dick scientist was overplaying his hand. Angelo could literally just take the harness off and throw away the monitoring gear, and then see if he can make a good go of surviving in the new world they put him in. And the dick scientist would not have any data to show for his dickishness. It's not like he could stop Angelo, and he'd be a totally free man in this new world.... seemingly.

  28. Soul Less

    Soul Less

    2 ай мурун

    Poor angelo. He seems like a chill guy

  29. En Ay

    En Ay

    2 ай мурун

    Way to go, Angelo, being a non-casualty D-class!

  30. Duel Links Joker

    Duel Links Joker

    2 ай мурун

    wat is that thing?

  31. daniel da creator

    daniel da creator

    2 ай мурун

    dr.moar: says anything that punk: thath wonth be neccesarry docthor moar.

  32. Jameson Zaleski

    Jameson Zaleski

    2 ай мурун

    What is this witchcraft??? D CLLASSES ARE SURVIVING??

  33. avianassassin


    2 ай мурун

    Wait, is Anjelo the same voice actor as the guard in the beginning of the main game? The voice resemblance is staggering

  34. Oona Miettinen

    Oona Miettinen

    2 ай мурун


  35. 0ut_of_Order


    2 ай мурун

    Anyone ever thought that 173’s concrete is some kind of shell?

  36. Patricia Roysdon

    Patricia Roysdon

    2 ай мурун

    D-class people have a truly dead end job.

  37. Benjamin Anderson

    Benjamin Anderson

    2 ай мурун

    is that d-class the one who has his femur broken in the old man video

  38. Ice Blade

    Ice Blade

    2 ай мурун

    Bruh Angelo and the dude in the suit are about to scrap 😂

  39. Liz santiago

    Liz santiago

    2 ай мурун

    I love the use of showing the shortening of the rope to show the pass of time. Very creative and useful! 😍🥰❤

  40. Miss. Danni Tiger

    Miss. Danni Tiger

    2 ай мурун

    Im so glad he surived



    2 ай мурун

    Well if the end was like that in Minecraft I will have troubles

  42. Firzan Wolfred

    Firzan Wolfred

    3 ай мурун

    Soooo Dr Buck's dad is featured in this episode eh?

  43. VilifyExile


    3 ай мурун

    *Sees Dr.Buck being a bitch* Me: Why are you like this? *Finds out Dr. Mometa is her dad.* Me: Oh.

    • Melanie Garcia

      Melanie Garcia

      Ай мурун

      Yep that explans a lot

  44. IMAGINE MY FREEDOMS third templers

    IMAGINE MY FREEDOMS third templers

    3 ай мурун

    Why not use swedish accents by all the greedy evil scientists like most nasa nazi scientists and doctors in reality !?

  45. Free Bee

    Free Bee

    3 ай мурун

    This D-Class reminds me of Rick

  46. Saint Akins

    Saint Akins

    3 ай мурун

    I know the character Angelo must be scared off right now, at the fact that he almost died.

  47. William Afton

    William Afton

    3 ай мурун

    actually, the D class never survived. according to foundation wiki, the only remains of the class D were his jumpsuit and all the stuff from that hole

  48. TribalCharizard


    3 ай мурун

    Please let us get the part 2

  49. peter siri

    peter siri

    3 ай мурун

    Wait that was a guy who was died by 106!

  50. Renegadebane


    3 ай мурун

    Looks like someone's been cheating through the psychological screenings to keep being a researcher. I think he and the D-class should have their jobs switched, the D-class actually seems intelligent and isn't a total prick, where as the researcher is basically a sociopath. That assistant is cool though, I bet he uses 420-j on his breaks to stay mellow with all the shit he has to deal with.

  51. [Stand: G.E.A.R]

    [Stand: G.E.A.R]

    3 ай мурун

    I think I have seen this one on the show I watch called jo- nvm I'll shut up now

  52. Saiper1990


    3 ай мурун

    Name of the music from the beginning of the video?

  53. De Plaaggeest

    De Plaaggeest

    3 ай мурун

    “Lets get closer to it” *o-o*

  54. interesting yes

    interesting yes

    3 ай мурун

    wasnt angelo the one d-class in the 106 situation and one of the 2 that died? seems like bossu over here drafted him after the dissed he dished out at him

  55. Garrett Parks

    Garrett Parks

    3 ай мурун

    Settin on my bed eating Pretzels and Pepsi watching youtube :D

  56. 15098D


    3 ай мурун

    7:44 DOOM Vision

  57. Enchanted MG

    Enchanted MG

    3 ай мурун

    Nah thats just my homie moonlord from terraria

  58. The Chronos Paradox

    The Chronos Paradox

    3 ай мурун

    If any of these scps deserve a part 2, it's this one!

  59. Wayne Adams

    Wayne Adams

    3 ай мурун

    D Class sounds like Rick from rick and Morty. :P

  60. yeet master wally

    yeet master wally

    3 ай мурун

    Dow a part free

  61. MR_Grimm 210

    MR_Grimm 210

    3 ай мурун

    I like angelo

    • fun great show greater

      fun great show greater

      3 ай мурун

      @MR_Grimm 210 ok

    • MR_Grimm 210

      MR_Grimm 210

      3 ай мурун

      @fun great show greater ik

    • fun great show greater

      fun great show greater

      3 ай мурун

      sorry to inform you hes dead

  62. stand-up sarcasm

    stand-up sarcasm

    3 ай мурун

    I FOUND THE SONG!!!!! IT'S CALLED "come 2gether"

  63. Mr.Mister


    3 ай мурун

    D-Class: *sees hole* Me who saw the rubbers video: *INHALE*

    • The Peanut

      The Peanut

      Ай мурун

      Butthead: Uh huh huh huh, you said hole. Uh huh huh huh

  64. Markee Cage

    Markee Cage

    3 ай мурун

    Aaaaaaaayyyyyeeeeee talk that shit tell him don’t disrespect D Class

  65. RainbowGoat8423


    3 ай мурун


  66. Nelson Quiroz

    Nelson Quiroz

    3 ай мурун

    Will there be s part 2 and 3 ?

  67. Brick Wilson

    Brick Wilson

    3 ай мурун

    If you have seen the malO episode you will get this. This is wate malO was trying to say Are you winning son

  68. Dafina Bahtiri

    Dafina Bahtiri

    4 ай мурун

    i dreamed we were be chased whith the huge creature

  69. ya yeet

    ya yeet

    4 ай мурун

    Wow I cant believe the d survived normally they die

  70. Filthy Stranger

    Filthy Stranger

    4 ай мурун

    he really just hit the mario 64 dang

  71. SpiderPig101


    4 ай мурун

    RIP Angelo in "Old Man."

  72. Flamyngo


    4 ай мурун

    Please make more but kid friendly

  73. Alucardseibie


    4 ай мурун

    I wish there was a part 2

  74. PlssNoMoreLecture


    4 ай мурун

    Holy! I’m happy he lived :-:



    4 ай мурун

    8:49 originally he never came back from the mirror

  76. The Charred One

    The Charred One

    4 ай мурун

    No one realize his mum works in the foundation

  77. SpeakFacts


    4 ай мурун

    Maybe the portal puts you in an unknown dubai desert and there is a native tribe living there \_[-_-]_/

  78. derkevevin


    4 ай мурун

    No one: Some guy: "Boy, I wonder if I can walk through my mirror if i hold this weird thing."

  79. JayDatSkitMaker :D

    JayDatSkitMaker :D

    4 ай мурун

    The d class conversations with the scientist guy wants makes me want to watch this more

  80. JDA SHow

    JDA SHow

    4 ай мурун

    Wait.. dr. Moore looks a lot younger in this......and is that dr. Buck Sr.? They seem to have the same personality

    • Melanie Garcia

      Melanie Garcia

      Ай мурун

      Ya the other guy is here father

  81. Potion seller Sammy

    Potion seller Sammy

    4 ай мурун

    Half life pistol sounds

  82. Why


    4 ай мурун

    He Survived what a Miracle!

  83. averagejoe455


    4 ай мурун

    "I have some scientific ideas about this sir." "Fuck your science! We need science!"

  84. Leonard Swafford

    Leonard Swafford

    4 ай мурун

    Mr.cheese in discise.

  85. GamesWith Music

    GamesWith Music

    4 ай мурун

    a cool thing to think about is watching this after watching the old man animation the guy going in is from the animation so that's a cool tie in

  86. Reina the Misfortunate Fox

    Reina the Misfortunate Fox

    4 ай мурун

    Angelo made it back

  87. lee james

    lee james

    4 ай мурун

    Is the rude Researcher the father of the lady Dr.Buck?

    • Melanie Garcia

      Melanie Garcia

      Ай мурун


  88. Noah Deibler

    Noah Deibler

    4 ай мурун

    Wait but didn’t he die to the Old Man?

  89. FuZz LabGod

    FuZz LabGod

    4 ай мурун

    Wait a second, this is bucks dad

    • Melanie Garcia

      Melanie Garcia

      Ай мурун


  90. Tiong Chiong Rui

    Tiong Chiong Rui

    4 ай мурун


  91. muffin pillow

    muffin pillow

    4 ай мурун

    You all are the best

  92. Steven Paige

    Steven Paige

    4 ай мурун

    I actually get just a little more frustrated with each video.

  93. broggy '

    broggy '

    4 ай мурун

    "We don't have time for this" Says the foundation who takes time to test thousands of things per day

  94. Ricefarmer47


    4 ай мурун

    Angelo is a hero

  95. aiden Hi

    aiden Hi

    4 ай мурун

    Where all on the same team my ass

  96. DynamicHeatwave


    4 ай мурун

    i dont know why but i cared about the d class even tho he killed someone he doesnt seem like a bad guy i kinda want some context on the d class that dont seem that violent

  97. Tadhg Kevener

    Tadhg Kevener

    4 ай мурун

    let that man right a report.

  98. Patrick McNeil

    Patrick McNeil

    4 ай мурун

    0:58 the bespectacled man has a ponytail

  99. SkilledNoob456


    4 ай мурун

    In the rubber, this ended with him exploring slightly more rooms and dying to the giant, no idea who is correct.

  100. KIAN 450

    KIAN 450

    4 ай мурун

    since before more problems happend or less people helping out other class D's, the class D's turned more of a problem the more mean or the more aggresive the people is. because the class D'S will turn more rebllionive. and the class D was right oof.